19 November 2020


Instead of asking where the President is, if there is one question that most of us should be thinking about right now, it would be, “how can I help?”. I am not in any way pro or anti government. But I am for what is best for my home country. Yes, while it is important that the local and the national government take responsibility and accountability, the blame game will not not do any good for now. Rather, let us address the problems that have risen and find ways to help each other. Let us also be grateful to the people who have done their relief operations whether they are from the private or public sector. 

Still struggling with battling the covid-19 pandemic, it breaks my heart to see photos and videos of the Philippines in a state of calamity. Hit by the strongest typhoon in 2020, Rolly and battered by yet another typhoon Ulysses, we have witnessed how several regions in my home country have suffered. Deadly mudslides, towering floods, displaced communities, abandoned animals, difficult relief operations - these and more are just some of the images that I can not stop thinking about. Then, I remembered the time when typhoon Yolanda and a very strong earthquake ravaged the Visayan region a few years back. I was given the opportunity together with my friends who initiated the cause to organize and facilitate relief operations in Northern Cebu. It was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. 

And now, I am given the opportunity again to help the community. Since I am based in United Kingdom at present, I can not personally volunteer to extend help to different groups and organizations. Instead, through my content creator friends, I found a digital artist in the Philippines who is making art for a cause. All of the proceeds will go to the victims of the typhoon. Not only are you helping the community but the artist as well. Although Remart's intent of the initiative was to generally help the community, it won’t hurt if we support his talent and creativity as well. Here are a few of the artworks that I commissioned him to do for me. Some portraits I am giving as Christmas presents. I think it is not just a great way to help the community and the artist but at the same time make our friends and family feel loved this Christmas season. 

art-for-cause--almostblogger-philippines-typhoon.jpg sister Vilda of livinlavilda. 

and my housemates here in UK, JJ and Carla!



These digital portraits show how we can help one another through art wherever we are in the world. Let us all be hopeful of the future and find kindness in our hearts to support each other in the most difficult times. So, please take some time and ask yourself, “how can I help?”. I hope this post will spark some joy and generosity in you. You can visit Remart in Instagram @rem.4rt and start donating for typhoon stricken communities through Paypal, Paymaya and GCASH. A digital portrait will only be at $1 or PHP50. But I woulg highly suggest to give more as all of your donations will be much appreciated. Thank you and  please support this cause and share it to your family and friends. 

and here's another portrait of myself hahaha because I love them so much! 


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