3 November 2020


It was 9 degrees celsius mid-afternoon in Newcastle when I decided to get my last coffee run before the national lockdown in United Kingdom. The coffee shop was just a walking distance from my place in Heaton. From afar, I already saw a long queue of people probably waiting for a table or for their takeaway coffee. Nonetheless, I was with lovely company and I just really wanted a good cup of hot coffee. 


The barista greeted us with a warm smile and asked if we wanted to sit in or to grab takeaways. We chose the former. (wink!) While waiting for our table I can’t help but notice two people sharing a quiet conversation in the far end corner of the coffee shop, a couple engrossed to their laptops and iPads, and a beautiful lady working on what seems to be a design project. Outside the cafe were three tables, occupied by really young and stylish women. In the background was a familiar smell of roasted coffee while two other baristas behind the counter were as busy as an army of people making coffee for those seeking caffeine fixing mid afternoon. These and more collectively joined together to create an experience I dearly miss back home in the Philippines. 



Fork in the Rose is the newest coffee place in Newcastle upon Tyne strategically located in Heaton Road where young professionals and University students converge. It is no surprise that this coffee shop has become the perfect hangout place for the coffee lovers and the plantitos and plantitas in the area. Yes, if you are a plantita, Fork in the Rose has a variety of flora that you can purchase as well. 



After roughly 10 minutes, we were then ushered to our table outside. (Which they have already disinfected.) We took some photos like I usually do and saw people watching us probably thinking “what the hell are they doing?”. Hahaha The place was just too good to pass an opportunity of taking photos. I had a cafe latte and a slice of vegan banana chocolate cake while my coffee date had a chai latte and a slice of victoria sponge cake. I must say that the coffee was smooth and brewed to my taste. I preferred the victoria sponge cake over the vegan. Maybe it is because I am not vegan. Hahaha 



The high ceiling makes Fork in the Rose palatial and I can only imagine how beautiful the place is in the morning with the natural light coming in from its tall windows. The name, the coffee, the ambiance, the food, the cakes and the plants, they are just the cocoa sprinkles on top - it is the warmth of the staff that makes Fork in the Rose one of Newcastle's newest gems. 



Visit them in Instagram for updates especially we are going to be on a lockdown in UK. 
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