29 September 2016


I know that it’s hard to forgive someone who broke us into pieces. But what’s even harder is forgiving ourselves for accepting the kind of love that we settled for. The kind that holds us back from becoming the best of what we can be. The kind that makes us feel lesser of who we are. The kind that breaks us. 

Trust me, it will take time but when the right moment comes and you begin to realize that you have done everything and it’s really time to move on, love will find its way back to you. And this time it’s the kind of love that will make you a better person. The kind of love that will accept everything of who you are. The kind that won't judge you. 

So start forgiving yourself. Forgive yourself for loving someone who did not know how to value your presence. Forgive yourself for throwing away your dreams so that you can support his. Forgive yourself for believing he loved you. Forgive yourself for keeping your emotions while he's hooking up with other people. Forgive yourself for crying at night and waking up crying again. Forgive yourself for holding on when he had already let go. Forgive yourself for trusting the goodness of those people who left you behind. Forgive yourself for loving someone who's busy loving someone else. And forgive yourself for forgetting to love yourself first.

Now that you are single, take this time to re-evaluate your purpose in life. To work on the things that you have always wanted to do. You can travel anywhere you want. Meet new people and learn different cultures. Find a new hobby that you thought you’d never do.Take this most precious time to believe and to love yourself again. Trust me, it’s very liberating to know that you can actually do things on your own.

I don't believe that time heals all wounds, but I believe that forgiveness does.

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