1 December 2016


As a Men's style blogger, I have been posting my OOTDs in Singapore for the past few days. Forgive me guys, because the truth is I still have more. Haha I went to Singapore with only a backpack and that was a real struggle. Most of my friends know that I don’t travel lightly. I always change my clothes from morning to sundown. So when they told me not to bring a lot of clothes, Almost a Blogger panicked! 


Fortunately, Singapore, being one of the best shopping destinations in Asia did not disappoint the fashionisto in me. I did not have to break my piggybank because there were a lot of sale items in IMM. (trivia - IMM is the largest outlet center in Singapore) It was day 2 of my 5-day stay in Singapore. The initial plan was to go to the Chinese Garden after eating at Four Fingers but we decided to go to IMM instead since we were in the area already. Because we had so much fun shopping, we forgot that it was getting late. Hahahah In fact, my friends and I teased each other to stop entering Cotton On. Cotton On had the biggest sale. I even bought a shirt for only 3SGD. Now, you do the Math! 

Anyway, I bought a lot of stuff for my family and friends in Cebu and of course for myself as well. (wink) My favorite would have to be a vintage polo I bought in Cotton On. So stay tuned for that story. But you can also check out my stories here.




TRAVEL/STYLE TIP WHEN YOU VISIT SINGAPORE : Go to IMM for amazing bargains of your favorite brands such as Nike, Onitsuka, Cotton On, Fred Perry, Adidas, New Balance, Sperry, Lacoste, Charles and Keith and more. They usually go from 50-70% Off the regular price. Everything I am wearing here except the accessories was bought in IMM. 

I guess my friends were right. It is better not to bring a lot when you travel to Singapore, but what they failed to tell me was, I’ll be bringing a different luggage going back home. Thankfully, Danica, a friend who’s living in SG offered to lend me her luggage for all the stuff that I’m bringing home to the Philippines. Mind you, it was more than 15kg worth of happiness. Hahaha 




TOP > Cotton On

Skinny Jeans > Cotton On

Footwear > Nike


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