20 March 2017


BREAKING NEWS! We are making it official! After months of talking and planning, Cebu fashion and personal style bloggers Miss Thali and ALMOSTaBLOGGER have finally collaborated and took power twinning to the nth around Cebu City.

The first time Miss Thali or “Neps” as most of us her friends call her and I collaborated for a fashion shoot was almost 7 years ago. Yes, it was already that long. It was just a fun shoot around Cebu Business Park. I can still even remember how one of the security guards asked us for a permit while we had our photos taken in the area. But Mister Guard was kind enough to let us finish a few more takes and off we go. There were only few Cebu fashion and style bloggers that time. In fact, we only posted our photos in Lookbook - it was the growing venue for fashion enthusiasts around the world that time.


Couple dressing can be very cheesy and jejemon. I am not really a fan of it especially when it is done matchy-matchy. But I wanted to prove myself wrong. I wanted to challenge myself. Because honestly, if you are going to read blogs about the different rules in couple dressing, going the “matchy” route is the ultimate “NO! NO!”. It is fashion suicide! But is it really? Is it too much? Is it weird? or are we just afraid to take risks? Well, a lot of my friends are getting married and they have been asking me about different concepts on how to create a unique yet stylish way of showing their love story to their friends and families. A long gown for the lady, a sleek suit for the man, set by the beach or the hills, horses, vintage cars, sports car on top of the mountain, blowing bubbles - the list can go on and on. But these types of shoots bore me to death already. Although this style still gets the hopeless romantic side of me I just think that seems like every wedding photographer is doing the same thing. Don’t you think? 

So as a fashion and personal style blogger, I suggest thinking outside of the box. Cebu is a melting pot of creative and talented people. We can do more than the old school-cheesy-overly decorated couple shoots. Though, Neps and I are not an item, we will try our best to feature a different way of couple dressing which hopefully inspires you to go the highway instead of the old way. Don’t worry because it is very simple. This look is style and budget friendly to any size and shape. Well, in fashion, everybody can look good in a black and white ensemble. 





Neps and I are wearing black blazers with a crisp white t-shirt inside. This will give you a slimmer look and and will elongate your body. Topman has set the “tuck it in” trend this season. I suggest that men tuck their pants in to make it classy and sleek. Trust me, you will see a very big difference between tucking it in and leaving the shirt loose outside. Personally, it gives me the feeling of being in total control of myself and the situation. And you can’t get as manly as having that type of feeling. Remember, every man wants to be in control. Haha Complete your look with a white pair of sneakers. This will make it less serious and more casual. Everybody knows that I love Cebu. And why not use Cebu as a background to your street themed shoot. The bicycle we used in the shot was from a young lady we saw in the area. We kindly asked her if we can borrow it for some shots and thankfully, she said yes. I think that’s the beauty of being spontaneous in a shoot. You get inspired by the people and things around you. With so many things going on in the streets of Cebu, for sure every moment can be a fashion moment and a love moment. (wink) And by the time your photos are posted or printed, you can definitely look back and remember the moments that were not planned but made all the experience more fun and organic. 











White T-shirt > GIORDANO

Blazer > Thrifted in Colon

Cropped Pants > Robinson's Fuente

Sneakers > Marithe Francois Girbaud in Ayala

Photo Credits to Litol John Photographs. Thank you Ghendo, Lloyd Ian, and Glenn for being so open with our ideas. You definitely made us comfortable and confident. Friends, if you wish to contact them, visit their facebook page Litol John Photographs or check out their website www.litoljohnphotographs.(wordpress)(dot)com. 


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