15 March 2017


The problem with almost relationships is that if it’s meant to be, it should have happened already. 

You talk to each other everyday. When you wake up, you look at your phone and you see his name in your inbox. He just texted to say “Good Morning crush. Eat your breakfast.” And you respond with a “Thank you crush. I hope you’ve eaten your breakfast as well. Enjoy your day.” When you’re on break, you check up on each other and make plans to watch movies or hang out in your favorite coffee shops on rest days. You have dinner together and exchange funny stories while you’re both enjoying your meal. You catch him taking glances at you with his beautiful smile even with braces. You end the night by hugging each other. And when you arrive home, he sends you a message, “Thank you and Goodnight. I had a great time.” And again you respond, “Goodnight. I had a great time too. Sleep well.” 

Then you travel together. You hold hands in the bus until you reach your destination. He sleeps on your shoulders because he’s so tired from work but still wants to go on a trip. You meet his family and so does he to yours. You visit his dad and light candles in the cemetery. You exchange gifts on your birthdays. You fight over silly things but make up thereafter. You listen about his stories of his ex. You send gifts to his mother without telling him. You hear Sunday mass together in Basilica Del Sto. Nińo. You go to Sugbo Mercado at midnight because he’s hungry and wants to eat with you. You watch the last full show because he doesn't want to go home yet. You make plans on traveling outside of the country because it’s his first time. For days, weeks and months - this is how you treat each other. You know what you have is special and you finally realize that you like him. Or the truth is you are falling in love with him.

But, he’s GONE. Without saying goodbye, he disappears. No t exts. No facebook message. Nothing. What you think is special suddenly blows off like a bubble. You stalk his Facebook and Instagram and then you see him with someone else. Someone he said was just a friend - But their posts and comments show otherwise. In no less than 24 hours, he has completely forgotten about you. And there's just nothing you can do about it. You badly want to message him but you keep on deleting your words. 

The problem with people today is that they suddenly disappear. They think that they don’t owe you an explanation. Well, they are partly right. Because in the first place, there was never a “you and him”. Maybe you assumed too much. Or maybe you made a different story in your head of a possibility of you and him. An "ALMOST RELATIONSHIP" will always bring a lot of questions when it's over. And sometimes the best way to move on from it, is to keep those questions unanswered. Or as painful as it may be, just accept the fact that he doesn't really love you. He's just lonely. Because remember, if he truly and genuinely LOVES you, he'll make it official - in relationships, "ALMOST" is synonymous to "NOTHING".


Not all male fashion bloggers are willing to share their personal lives on social media. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. But personally, since poetry and writing also make me feel better, (aside from fashion) I always try my best to incorporate personal experiences to anything I wear. Water represents life, and there is life after an almost relationship. Hahaha Kidding aside, this photo was taken in Bantayan Island, Cebu. I wanted the peacefulness of the sea to be the backdrop of this black and green ensemble. The sea grass inspired me to wear this moss green top. When you are wearing a loose top, I suggest you wear skinny jeans. It gives dimension and proportion to your whole outfit. But I don't suggest swimming in your skinnies. Wink!:)

TOP > Cotton On

Tattered Skinnies > Thrifted

Sunnies > Robinson's Galleria

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