23 March 2017


Cebu Men's Fashion Guide - Hey Guys! I just recently had a fashion collaboration with the men behind Litol John Photography. They are a team of gentlemen who obviously loves photography. Since I knew I'll be working with male photographers in Cebu, I got inspired to wear something that I believe every gentleman can pull off. Hmmm But of course with some simple rules to follow. A fashion or personal style blogger aims to inspire and influence other people through what they are wearing. So guys, I hope this helps you get out of your comfort zone and try something new and a little stylish than your usual OOTD.

For a start, I don't know any straight guy who hates the camouflage print. I think the military connection is very appealing to men. Not only it boosts their masculinity, but it also gives them a sense of confidence and aura. But in order to pull off the camo print, one should know these simple rules on how to wear it. First, 


1. Camo-on-Camo is a No!No!
         Remember that it is best to edit your ensemble. When you decide to wear camouflage for the day, stick to one camo piece at a time - unless you want to be looking like you are going hunting in the forest or attending an ROTC class. The camo print has evolved in time. A lot of fashion designers have modified the camo print in different shapes and forms. Social media influencers and bloggers have also made the camo print a staple in their wardrobes. Just always bear in mind to never wear or mix different camo prints at the same time. 


2. Keep it simple with solid colors.
        Another thing to remember when wearing a camo print is to keep it simple. Keeping everything else in solid colors like black, let’s the jacket be the statement. A basic white T-shirt, a dark washed jeans or chinos are also perfect for a more contemporary look. I actually love to wear boots when I am wearing a camo jacket. But for this blogpost, I am wearing the classic Chuck Taylors by Converse. When everything else is in solid colors, it helps tone down the camo print. 


3. Never mix camo with other prints.
         Print on Print Alert! The camo print may be very well associated with animal prints. So NEVER, as in NEVER wear a camo print with animal prints. Remember hunting? And you don’t want to be standing out in the crowd for the wrong reasons. Well this is more applicable to women. As men usually shy away from prints.


4. Show a little skin!
  The camouflage print is quite strong for some and when you are wearing it with solid colors, it may become too hard and a little serious. So showing a little skin by wearing a tattered and ripped jeans won’t hurt. It will also bring a little attitude to your outfit. In my case, it breaks the monotony of an all black ensemble.


5. Start little!
        Okay! Some might be a little scared of wearing a camo jacket. It might be too bold for some but I think men’s fashion has totally evolved over time. Men this days are more adventurous with their personal style. But don’t worry! If you still find it a little too bold for you, you might want to start with little camo prints such as a neck tie, a belt, a scarf, a pair of camo sneakers or a watch. Just remember to keep it simple. Don’t go all out with your camo prints. Okay?

Here are more pictures to get you inspired to wear the Camo print. 










Black T-shirt > Giordano

Wayfarers > Ray Bans

Spray On Skinnies > Thrifted and DIY

Chucks > Converse

Camo Jacket > Authentic Military jacket from my brother in the AFP

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