5 March 2017


Cebu's homegrown cake and pastry shop 10 Dove Street Confectionery opens its latest branch in Axis Entertainment Avenue, Vibo Place Escario St. Cebu City. From the most decadent cakes and delicious pastries, 10 D.C. adds new treats to its already sumptuous menu. Loyal patrons and customers can now enjoy hearty sandwiches, savoury tarts, and rice meals before getting a slice or two of their favorite desserts.

Every time I go to work, I always pass by Vibo Place. So when I saw a familiar logo in bright lights of sky blue and white, I got excited. Finally, one of my favorite confectioneries in Cebu has opened its newest branch closer to my location. Every time I need endorphins to kick in, I would always crave for 10 D.C.'s blueberry cheesecake and ube cake. But its branches in Oakridge and Chong Hua Mandaue are quite far from where I live. Now that it is more accessible to me, I could just easily pick up my happy food. - And now you know where to find me stress eating for sweets. Hahaha


Well, I won't pretend to be an expert about food. But one thing I can guarantee is, they all taste good as the pictures show on this blog. For the people closest to me, they pretty much know that I am a very sweet person. By that, I mean - I love sweets especially cakes and pastries. Hahaha I can actually eat a whole cake in one sitting!







Last Thursday, I had brunch with Miss Joey of 10 Dove Street Confectionery and fellow Cebu Bloggers Ley of TheCebuano, Guada of SuperCebu, Kim of iamkimcharlie, MayLord of the Lifeaholics and other media personnel in Cebu. It was a small group of people who were lucky enough to try 10 D.C.'s new treats.

I think I tasted everything they served. My personal favorites were the Chicken Panini, the Confetti cake, the mushroom tarts and of course the blueberry cheesecake. The green tea cake was also a revelation to me. It was a perfect match to hot coffee. They also served us rice with chorizo bilbao and other spices. It was an explosion of flavors in my mouth. But I was already full from eating panini and cakes that I couldn't consume the whole plate. I had to control my appetite or else I would be committing gluttony. If I were to rate the cafe, I am giving it a 4.8/5. A bigger serving of their rice meal would have been better. Or maybe it's just that I tend to eat more rice. Hahaha And hopefully 10 D.C. in Axis Entertainment Avenue, Vibo Place gets its wi-fi connection installed.

Hot off the Menu! - ARROZ ALA FORTUNA!

"ARROZ ALA FORTUNA" - Stir - fried rice in tomato sauce with Chicken and Chorizo Bilbao.

New Treat Alert! CHICKEN PANINI!
"PANINI SANDWICHES" come in two types. (Chicken and Ham and Cheese)

My latest cake obsession! CONFETTI CAKE!

New Treat! the super cheesy! SAVOURY TARTS!
"TARTS" has three variations - Bacon, Broccoli and Cheese, and Mushroom.




What I wore that day!


I went for a laid back cafe look that day since it was brunch. I wanted to channel how a boy next door would look on a date. (as if I had a date!) Hahaha I also took inspiration to 10 D.C.'s logo. As a male fashion and style blogger, I take on different moods of style depending on where I am going. Since I know that 10 Dove Street Confectionery aesthetics is all about whites and neutrals, I opted to wear stripes in pastel blue and a pair of dark blue pants for some depth to my ensemble. I bought the shirt for P100 in an Overrun Shop in Pacific Mall when I had my passport renewed last year. The pants were P50 in a thrift shop in Colon. The shoes I got for only P100 in Colon as well. I have had this belt for more than 4 years now. I bought in Mandaue for only P50. Looking good doesn't have to be always expensive. Thrift Shopping in Cebu is always an adventure. I always look forward to whatever treasures I find in Thrift Stores. And after a tiring day of shopping, why not grab some treats at 10 Dove Street Confectionery Vibo Place. :)


The Crew!

Guada of SuperCebu, Kim of iamkimcharlie, Joey of 10 D.C., Ley of TheCebuano and Me, ALMOSTaBLOGGER.


Thank you Miss Joey and 10 Dove Street Confectionery for having us! :)

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