3 July 2017


More than the white beaches in Panglao Island, the shy but equally lovable tarsiers, the spine tingling adventure rides in Danao, the tourist friendly island hopping in Tubigon, and the historical visit to century old churches, Bohol has hidden treasures that are still waiting to be discovered by the traveloving you. Luckily, I had the opportunity to explore more of Bohol last summer. 


It’s a perfect scene out from a postcard in New Zealand. 
Ubay, Bohol has a place they call “The Little New Zealand”. The National Dairy Authority houses cows from New Zealand. The cows are able to roam around the farm freely. Tourists and visitors are also encouraged to know how to milk a cow - that would have been fun for my friends and I. But unfortunately when we arrived, they have already milked the cows. Well, nobody should cry over spilled milk, right? So instead of feeling bad for ourselves, we enjoyed the scenery of the farm. I was ecstatic to see the cows fell in line and took a dip into the waterhole by themselves. It must have been heaven for them. Hahaha The hills were so green that they looked liked masterpieces of landscape artists. If this was the closest to New Zealand I could get, hmmmm I wouldn’t mind at all. 


Just a few minutes away from the National Dairy Authority is the Philippine Coconut Authority. This is a government-run facility that cultures and studies the Tree of life, the Coconut. Inside the facility was a manmade lake that was as green as the hills surrounding it. It felt like I was transported inside a painting.


The best part about visiting PCA was that they gave us free coconuts to drink and to eat. And the coconuts were the freshest because they got it straight from the coconut trees in the area. But if you really want to experience picking a coconut, they can assist you with that. 



Anyway, the caretakers said that families can go to PCA and bring food if they want to eat in the floating villa. There were also two other villas where you can just chill with your family and friends.



 I was with true blooded Ubayanons, Miss Angel, Miss Claire Ann, Miss Em-Em and of course my travel buddies to Bohol Mam Nanette, Clive and Jann. The girls were born and raised in Ubay and had so much stories to tell us. We all have those childhood memories that we never get tired of sharing to others. And hearing their stories about growing up in Ubay also brought back a lot of my own childhood memories in Cebu. We definitely had a good laugh while reminiscing those stories. Anyway, what I gained from this trip to Bohol was not just witnessing God's beautiful creations. But rather I gained new friends that were so kind enough to tour us around Ubay. 





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