31 July 2017


Fashion is my life. But traveling is also my thing. Any chance I could get to travel, I take it! Most of my travels have been with friends - whether just in Cebu, around the Philippines or outside the country. For many of us, traveling is one way to relieve stress. But what if that trip becomes a burden instead? How could you have prevented it? Well, here are some questions to ask before booking that flight with your friends.


In high school, when I was studying in UP I learned the importance of always asking why. And traveling is no difference. You have to ask yourself and your friends why are you traveling. Why? It is simply because the reasons you have may not be the same with your friends. If you are traveling for adventure and your friends are traveling to relax, then that could be a problem. Just read on to know more “why” is important when you are planning to travel with your buddies.


I am the type of traveller who is fine with hostels or backpackers inns. But some of your friends may not be fond of it. Some may be looking for more fancy and luxurious hotels. So it is best that you all agree to where you’ll be staying on your next trip. 


They say that money can break friendships! That is why the Money Plan should be established. I have travelled with friends who usually split up the expenses after the trip. You can do it this way. Or in your most convenient preference. For example, you head out to lunch with your friends. But because you all have Php500, you decide to pay for everyone at that moment. When you arrive back to your accommodation, you then split the expenses. It should be clear enough that your friends pay for what they eat and not splitting the whole amount equally. For all you know, someone ordered a cheaper meal because he was on a budget but ends up paying the same amount as everyone who ordered more stuff for themselves. So guys, how to settle the expenses on a trip must be established amongst your friends. 


What about what? Hmmmm This applies to what activities are you going to do during the trip. Tour packages might be costly for some or some of your friends may have already done those activities before. But always remember that you don’t have to do everything with everyone. Travelling with friends is like being in a relationship. A compromise is a good way to avoid arguments. If others want to go hiking while others want to go free diving, let them be. I have tried this in Ilocos. While I was touring around Pagudpud, some of my friends opted to stay at the beach to relax and to sleep because of the long drive. At dinner, we exchanged stories and had a good laugh about what we did that day. Just because you are travelling together, doesn't mean you have to do everything together. When someone asks for a “me” time, give him that personal space. Maybe that alone time is all he needs to recharge before going back to his reality in the city.


Let’s talk about “when”! This is probably the most important part of this post! When do you make decisions? You shouldn’t be too laid back. Nobody wants to travel with someone who can’t make a decision for himself. Personally, I am the type who can easily compromise with what everyone wants. I just make sure that my friends know that I am okay with everything. Another thing with “when do you make decisions” is to never make a decision when you are hungry. You might not notice it but people do get nutty when they are hungry. Some might even snap when you ask them something. Relate much?

I do hope that these questions help you and your friends when you plan to go on a trip. Just always remember that communication is very important. Traveling should be both fun and relaxing. But as they say when there are more heads, there are more reasons to argue. Hahaha LET IT BE KNOWN THAT YOU ARE TRAVELING WITH YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SHARE EXPERIENCES AND HAVE A GREAT TIME WITH THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE. 

- please do leave a comment and let's share ideas and stories about the trips we made with our friends! 

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