17 July 2016

Hey! How are you doing? Sipping coffee? Watching your favorite TV series? Waiting for your flight? Hanging out with friends? or just simply browsing the net?Hehehe Anyway, whatever you’re doing right now, thank you for taking time to view my page. I appreciate your feedback every time I post something. (wink) 

It’s been quite awhile since I posted an OOTD. I have been really busy attending to different events and fulfilling my responsibilities as a nurse. Yes, I am a full time registered nurse. Some people would ask me how do I find time to attend events, make a blog and work at the same time. I say, it’s all about passion and time management. I work in a government hospital in Cebu. Nursing is such a fulfilling job because I am able to help the sick and the poor. In order for me to continue my passion in fashion and the arts, I started to blog. Thus the name “almostablogger”. I never really considered myself as a blogger not until a few months ago. Blogging has definitely helped me become more creative and adventurous. It has opened a lot of doors for me. 

 Getting invited to different events is a good thing. But sometimes I fail to commit to these events because of my shifting schedule. That is why whenever I’m available I see to it that I am able to attend to these events. I always get excited when I go to events despite my shyness. I take it as an opportunity to learn from other people and to develop my social skills. So the question now is, which do I love best? Of course, they are different from each other but what makes them both important to me is how I am able to affect change or influence someone’s life by being a nurse and a blogger at the same time. I am not perfect but I always do my best in everything I do. Whether it be taking care of my patients or writing for my friends and readers. I always give my 100%. (wink) 

So now let’s talk about this OOTD post. I recently bought a pair of trousers in h&m. I actually got them from the kids section. Hahaha Since I lost 2 kilos this month because of my food restrictions, I am able to fit in to children’s sizes. But don’t get me wrong, I badly want to gain the weight I lost. I should be hitting the gym soon and grow those muscles back. Hahaha I am wearing the striped t-shirt I bought in Pacific Mall while I had my passport renewed. I bought three of different colors which I will also be posting soon. This pair of white shoes is my latest addition to my growing collection of shoes. I also got them from h&m. 

STYLE TIP : It’s okay to wear the same colors of different shades. The shade of green on my shirt is lighter than that of my pants. It is also balanced by the stripes on my shirt which also gives an illusion of having more weight. Hahaha I hope by reading this post I am able to help you make good style decisions the next time you’re planning an outfit to wear. I believe every guy can pull this off. It’s simple and casual. And if you still fear dressing up, this is a good way to start. I assure you, girls and pa girls will love your look.
P.S. If you have the passion to write or you want to be heard, you can start your own blog/vlog. It’s fun and you will be surprised by how people would respond. It’s scary at first but you will get the hang of it. 

Striped T-shirt > Zara Man Trousers > h&m Shoes > h&m Timepiece > Daiso

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