23 July 2016

 For both guys and girls, one of the most important parts of pulling off a look is having a stylish, yet functional shoes. It could either make or break your ensemble. 

Do you ever get that feeling when you go to the mall and you're only intention was to eat out with friends but you ended up buying things in impulse? Hahaha I bet you do. Well this is the story behind my relationship with my girl Zara. Last week I went to Ayala Center Cebu to eat out with some of my friends. While I was waiting for them, I decided to roam around the mall since it was the mid-year sale. I actually bought a pair of tattered skinny jeans in Pull and Bear, which I have always wanted to buy. I will be posting it on another blog entry soon. Anyway, I also went to Zara since they were also on sale. I tried on different things. There was this pair of white sneakers that I really wanted. But no luck me, they don't have my size. :( So I moved on to the next aisle and saw more shoes on the sale rack. This blue leather sneakers type shoes caught my attention as if they were calling my name. Hypnotizing my senses. Hahaha okay that's too much already. To make the long story short, I found myself placing them on the counter to pay for them. Damn! Another hole on my pocket. I should just be drinking iced tea with my friends later. But hey! No regrets. I felt good when I tried them on and I still believe it's a bargain. Way to go Zara for flirting with me. (wink) 

Pants > Thrifted
Shoes > ZARA Man
Watch > Daiso

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