12 July 2016

July 12, 2016 - Cebu City - OLX Philippines has introduced its new campaign, Win Together, which describes the leading classifieds platform’s DNA as enabler of win-win exchanges within its online community. It is aligned with the company’s vision of improving Filipinos’ lives by bringing people together for win-win exchanges. OLX believes that buying-and-selling goes beyond its utility. The simple exchanges between buyers and sellers eventually create a community where everybody wins as one Filipino nation.

 Here are SEVEN reasons why you can ‘Win Together’ with OLX. 

1. People are able to connect with one another creating valuable transactions and in time, possibly growing a supportive community that benefits all. 
2. OLX assists entrepreneurs how to start their businesses. 
3. OLX helps new entrepreneurs grow their business by sharing their passion through online selling. 4. OLX aims to connect its promise of efficiency, convenience, and safety with the Filipinos’ desire to lead improved lives. 
5. You can be assured that you are secured with your online purchases. 
6. You become a part of an online community that helps the environment by not throwing used items. Instead, you gain profit by selling them online. 
7. By doing healthy transactions with OLX, you may develop and foster relationships that might help you in the long run. 

OLX Chief Marketing Officer Cris Concepcion says, “We believe that buying and selling go beyond its practical function. The exchanges between buyers and sellers create a community where everybody wins. Within our larger community are smaller communities of like-minded individuals who share passions. It is in our best interest to help these ‘tribes’ grow their own community base as well as encourage entrepreneurship and healthy exchanges with more people. Collectively, community efforts contribute to a greater goal of promoting sustainability, thereby enabling all stakeholders to win together."​ Every day, thousands of Filipinos access OLX to buy and sell goods and cars, find a job, or rent a house. The platform empowers local communities by turning their pre-owned goods into new opportunities. Opportunities take the form of helping more individuals continue their passions, take part in saving the environment, and even contributing to the development of a sustainable and renewable economy. 

“This lifestyle coupled with technology has created a collaborative economy where people share and exchange goods and resources as they create connections and build relationships with one another. We hope that our platform continues to be part of motivating more people to create communities engaging in winning exchanges,” adds Giancarlo Bonsel, General Manager of OLX Philippines. 

Guests of the media launch were lucky enough to witness the unveiling of OLX’s latest TVCs. The OLX community’s new mindset is also the centerpiece of the brand’s latest multi-channel campaign. The upbeat television commercial shows how individuals from different walks of life are connected through an exchange which is driven by different personal reasons: a desire to express one’s interests, give back to a loved one, or even earn additional income. The people behind these transactions make every exchange successful and worthwhile. I can't wait for everybody to see these stories come to life in OLX's TVCs. 

 Visit https://www.olx.ph and start winning! :) 

  With my fellow Cebu Bloggers Society Members. :)

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