17 July 2016

Cebu Style - Hey! As many people would say, the rainy season has officially commenced. But have you been to different retail stores in Cebu lately? What have you noticed in their display windows and mannequins? What trends have you observed? Denim? Utilitarian? Patches? Hmmmm Yes, these are the latest trends that Fashion Brands such as TOPSHOP, Pull and Bear, and Bershka carry this season. But not all of us are always eager to spend much on trends. That is why I am going to help you get the look for less. 

Let us do some DIY - Do-It-Yourself project that is both easy and budget-friendly. This is also perfect for the unpredictable weather Cebu is experiencing right now. Anyway, these are the materials that you need: Colorful Patches, Military or Camouflage Jacket, A sharp pair of Scissors, Pins, and Needle & Thread 

Do you still remember your sewing lessons in school? Well, that will come handy in this project. But don’t worry it’s really easy. 1. Lay down your jacket. (I bought mine for P50 in the ukay-ukay) Hahaha There are plenty of military inspired jackets in thrift shops. You can also use your CAT or ROTC uniform that’s been hanging in your closet for years now. Then you strategically 2. place your patches on your jacket using your pins so that you will get a preview of the final outcome. The trick is, it has to look unintentional. Also, the more patches, the better it looks. I got these patches in the ukay-ukay as well. But you can also buy them in ARTWORK. They sell 2 patches for P100 only. Now, once you have secured the patches you can 3. start sewing them one by one. I prefer using the backstitch because it holds more than the running stitch. And there you have it - a new and stylish jacket to get you through the rainy season. 

This is the final output and how I styled the jacket. I'm still planning to add more patches though.

You can also put patches on your jeans, t-shirts, denim shorts, etc. This adds a little playfulness to your outfit. Now, you don’t have to spend much to look trendy and hip. But as I have always said, you really don’t have to follow trends. You should know what looks good on you and what brings out the best in you. Fashion trends come and go but your personal style is yours to celebrate. 

 More photos to inspire you guys. And please do let me know if you have made the same project and post it as a comment here or in my Facebook account "Philip Pingoy" or post it on instagram and use the hashtag #almostablogger. 

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