30 July 2016

Puka Beach in the beautiful island of Boracay is a must visit for both local and foreign tourists. It is a lot peaceful than Stations 1,2,3 where most people enjoy water activities during the day and party all night long when the sun starts to set. If you just want to chill and enjoy the crystal blue waters of Boracay, this is the perfect place for you.

There are also small restos and snack shacks along Puka Beach. They are a bit pricey though. Hehehe But I guess you are paying for the cottage with the drinks already. Still not bad at all.

STYLE TIP - This blue shorts had originally blue strings. I changed it to red to have a nautical feel. It's also an easy way to have more looks for just a single pair of shorts. You may use different colors of strings such as green and orange. They go perfectly with the blue shorts. :) 

Now, you can enjoy this paradise within paradise in style.

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