2 August 2016

One of the latest trends right now is the oversize look. Streetwear has definitely become more accepting of past “NO NOs” in fashion.

In the past, you are only to wear clothing that perfectly fits your body type. Not too small and not too large. But those days are definitely gone. I am a BIG fan of this growing trend. Seems like grunge and casual dressing have made a new baby. 

 I bought this oversized polo for P50.00 in one of my thrift shopping adventures. This is two sizes bigger than my body size but the printed denim caught my eyes and inspired me to imagine an ensemble that would perfectly highlight its character. 

Printed Denim Top > Thrifted,
Jeans > Terranova
Backpack with Leather Straps > Thrifted
 ​Timepiece > Call it Spring
Laptop > Macbook Air
Leather Boots > Thrifted

 Just remember that since your top is already oversized, go fitted in your pants or shorts. That way, you won’t look all lazy and grungy. So go large and be proud!

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