1 August 2016

Androgyny is defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary as having the characteristics or nature of both male and female, neither specifically feminine nor masculine, and or suitable to or for either sex

More often fashion is more forgiving to women wearing menswear. But today, men have become more adventurous in their style choices and the industry is definitely joining the bandwagon. You will see men wearing the skinniest jeans, going out in vibrant colors, and some even wearing skirts in different ad campaigns. Fashion has definitely evolved through out the years. 

In one of my recent trips to the thrift stores in OsmeƱa Boulevard, I saw this printed linen polo in the women's section hanging on the sale rack. My eyes were caught by its color and print. At first I was skeptical to try it on, but did it anyway. To my delight, it actually looked good on me. So without any more hesitation, I bought it for P125. 

The "long line fit" of the polo worked perfectly with my skinnies and booties. I also had my native bag to complete the boho look I was aiming for. Don't forget your favorite timepiece to add luxe to your cheap finds.  So here's a dare for you. Go out thrift shopping and try to look for gold at the women's section. Dressing up should always be fun and exciting. If it makes you feel good about yourself, go for it. As they say, don't dress to impress, instead dress to express. 

Did you notice the way I played with the collar of my polo? This is one style tip for you. You can flip it inside for a different look or you can just button it up for a younger you. 

Button up Linen Polo > Thrifted
Timepiece > Call it Spring
Skinnies > Oxygen
Leather Boots > Thrifted
Native Bag > Carbon Public Market Picture

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