29 August 2016

Both my maternal and paternal families are in the military. In fact my brother is in the Armed Forces of the Philippines assigned in Bohol as of the moment. I always had fun memories with him when we were younger. I would go with him catch spiders at night, swim in the river, play hide and seek and “santelmo” when there’s a black out, luksong baka, shatong, patintero, ride bikes and do some tricks and other childhood games in the 90’s. We definitely had an active childhood. But we were very different from each other. I was the achiever in class while he was the rascal. But growing up, my brother has always protected me from bullying whether at home or in school. He would always defend me from people calling me names because of my sexuality or the way I act. He was in a way, overprotective. So perfect that he is in the military right now helping to protect the country we love

This OOTD post is my way of supporting my brother and the Armed Forces. I know that it’s not easy to have a family member in the military especially when they are based away from home. Missing their families, risking their lives to protect the country, having not enough sleep, and sometimes killing boredom when there are no operations - these are just a few of the things they need to fight off. So I have my respects to the men and women in the military and their families as well. 

My top is my brother’s from the AFP. He left this shirt when he came back to Cebu for a vacation. I chose to tuck in my shirt because it looks snappy and very military. Tucking in your shirt is actually gaining popularity right now amongst style/fashion bloggers and fashionistos around the world. My only problem is, I have lost weight. And so is my “behind” - you know what I mean. Hahaha I should be doing squats after this and get those “annacondas”. (wink)

Belt > Thrifted
Timepiece > Stuhrling
Skinnies > Oxygen
Socks > PullandBear 

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