13 September 2016


Hello there! It’s been a while since I posted something personal. Hahaha So here it goes. 

Cheating is definitely one of the reasons why a relationship fails. For me, it is a deal breaker. A cheat will always be a cheat. I don’t know why but for some, they love the thrill of it. The feeling of not being caught can be addictive for some. But not all who have cheated started as cheaters. There are some who were cheated on and found cheating as a way to get even to their cheating partners. I ain’t judging but I feel like it’s a lose-lose situation. He cheated on you - and you try to do the same. Think about it. What do you gain from it? Do you think it helps the situation? Does it make you a better person? No! What it makes you is the person you hated and cursed to the heavens. It makes you the person you promised you’d never be. 

I recently had a conversation with some of my friends about love and relationship. We shared stories of  bliss and bitterness. Hahaha But what struck me the most was the idea of hooking up with someone else even if you are in a serious relationship. Then I remembered an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw asked “has monogamy become too much to expect?”

Now this brings me to the idea of what’s the difference between being faithful and being loyal.

Loyalty and faithfulness are words that have more or less identical meaning. A lot of people use these two words interchangeably as if they are synonymous. Though these words are used in place of one another in many contexts, we’ll talk about these words in a relationship.

A faithful person is loyal but a loyal person can be unfaithful. Confusing huh? Hmmm To make it simple. Here’s a scenario. You are in a relationship. You went out with friends for a party in a bar. You see this handsome guy taking glances at you. You became uncomfortable. But you loved the attention. The faithful would not even entertain that guy’s glances because he doesn’t have the time to get attracted to others. His attention is exclusive to the one he loves. While the loyal can share glances or maybe talk to the guy, exchange numbers perhaps, flirts a little but still knows that at the end of the day his heart belongs to someone else. He may hook up with other people but remains by his partner’s side. 

Personally, I can’t see myself cheating on someone because the feeling of being cheated on is not a good feeling at all. The emotional and psychological stress is exhausting. And I don’t want to see someone go through what I’ve been through. Fair enough, I can definitely say that I enjoy monogamy even when I’m dating. I don’t date multiple people at the same time. But if it works for you, go for it. Just make sure that you have discussed exclusivity to avoid hurting each other. 

So the big question now is, are you loyal?or are you faithful? 

Tell me what do you think and post your reactions in the comment section. :)

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