2 September 2016

Every guy looks good in a Black T-shirt! There I said it. You just can never go wrong with a simple black shirt as much us your basic white shirt. I have already posted about how to get away with a plain white tee. Now, it’s back to black. The trick to wearing basics is going simple and minimal without being boring. 

It’s been a long time since I had a good talk with my best friends since high school. So when we finally had the time, we decided to see each other in SM Seaside City Cebu. We had snacks/dinner at Seafood Island Grill. Though there were only 3 of us, we ordered a boodle fight good for 5-7 people. Hahaha We definitely have big appetites. Unfortunately, I did not like the food. It wasn’t worth the price we paid. But I still had fun with my friends though. After all, sharing food with the people you like always makes eating more enjoyable. Right? Oh I almost forgot, this isn't a food blog! Hahaha 

Anyway, it's been awhile since I posted an OOTD. I wore this when I met up with my friends. This look is inspired by my previous post on wearing a plain white tee. When I get confused about what to wear on a given day, it's always a toss between wearing black or white. Since I recently bought this pair of skinnies, I decided to go black with my shirt. Adding contrasts to your basics is a key to have a more interesting look. Remember, basics don't have to be boring. I could have easily chosen a pair of black jeans. But since the temperature that day was kinda high, and I've decided to wear a black shirt, I opted for a lighter shade of black skinnies. Black goes well with gray tones and white. 
This trick is actually good for all shapes and sizes. 

T-shirt > Bench
Skinnies > PullandBear 
Timepiece > Daiso Japan
Sneakers > H&M
Backpack > Herschel

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