24 February 2017


Hey there! How did you spend your Valentine’s day? Did you go on a date? Singles’ Night out perhaps? Or did you just stay at home and watched movies until the break of dawn? Hmmm No matter how you spent the day of hearts, what’s important is you still believe in the power of love. Love has many forms and this post is about the purest form of love.

On Valentine’s day, I asked my mother to be my date. I surprised her with flowers that I personally arranged and bought her a new dress. Because I grew up watching her wear the most fashionable clothes, I wanted it to be perfect. Thus, it took me five hours of going back and forth to what dress I should get her. Looking back, my mother wore a pair of tattered jeans, a plain white shirt, a military inspired blazer and stilettos during my badging ceremonies in nursing school. And that was already 10 years ago. Imagine, a mother of a 19 year old guy wearing tattered jeans while giving her child his medal of honors on stage. In fact, my classmates and clinical instructors asked me if she was my sister. Of course, to my mother’s ears, those compliments were angels singing. Hahaha That was actually the time when tattered jeans caught the attention of the world. I have always thought of my mother as a trendsetter. She dares to be different and she inspires me to express myself through fashion. That is why I always tell my friends that I got my eye for fashion and styling from my mother. The craziest part of our fashion relationship is that she wears my clothes the same way I would wear them. But I am not wearing her dresses! Hahaha




Okay! Let’s go back to the story. Before we went to the mall. My mother and I visited my auntie in the hospital who’s suffering from Cancer. My mother has always taught me to be kind and to be grateful. It was supposed to be her special day but she still gave time to my ailing aunt who we both deeply love. She always amazes me with her compassion to others. Even when she’s sick, she would always make sure that we are all taken cared of. She would always ask me this, “Remember, when you’re sick and distraught, who do you run to?” I am not a perfect son. Nor never will I be perfect. But one thing I am sure of is that I have the perfect mother. After we visited my auntie, we went to the mall and asked her if she wanted to get her hair done. She said it’s too expensive and she would just rather buy a hair dye and let her friend do the job. Then I told her to get anything she wants. I am just glad that my mother is not a big spender. Hahaha 



I planned on watching a movie with her. (The last movie we watched together was Train To Busan) But we were still waiting for my little sister to have dinner with us. My sister got caught up with some activities in school that she arrived late for dinner. Since all restaurants were full, we decided to eat pizza instead. My mother has almost tried every resto in Ayala except for Pizza Republic. Yes, it wasn’t a fancy restaurant as I planned but it was her first time to make her own pizza outside of her kitchen. Hahaha Of course her pizza was more delicious than mine. Since we finished dinner late, we decided to watch movies on some other dates. :(


As I said, I am not a perfect son. Sometimes my mother would scold me for being too stubborn, for going home late, for spending too much money, for not folding my bedsheets, for not washing the dishes and for delaying payments of house bills. Hahaha Whenever my mother and I pick a fight, I don’t talk back. That’s just how I grew up. I just keep silent and let her rant. But that silence can go for days. I always let my pride get in the way of our relationship. She always ends up making the first move. I know a lot of us are like this to our parents. I am guilty as charged. But I always make it up to her by writing her letters. Most of the time, letters of apology. Hahaha That is why on special occasions I would always treat her out or let her feel that I am genuinely blessed to have her as my mother. The sacrifices she made for us are worthy of an MMK episode. Kidding aside, I have the most hardworking mother and it’s time for me to repay her.


The feeling you get when you see your mother happy is priceless. This made me realize that Valentine’s day is not just for lovers but it’s for everybody who genuinely love each other. They can be our friends and of course, our family. On hindsight, I can still remember the time when we went together to church a week after my ex dumped me for someone else. I wanted to tell her so bad that I was going through a hard break up. I never thought getting your heart broken would consume so much of your being. I wasn’t eating well and I would instantly cry without any reasons at all. Or perhaps it was my heart bleeding through my eyes. I don’t necessarily talk to my mother when it comes to matters of the heart. But at that moment of weakness, I really wanted to cry on her shoulders and hug her so tight. I kept myself together until the mass’ homily ended - I broke down. My heart was so heavy that all I could do was to cry. My mother held my hand and squeezed it so hard as if telling me, “I am here and you can get through this.” I did not say a word. I kissed her and wiped my tears. When the mass ended, we went home. We never talked about what happened. But I know that at that moment, I found my strength again. Whenever I feel down and confused, I just remind myself that I have friends and family who are cheering for me. And I have a mother who loves me unconditionally. So, spend time with your mother because she can take the place of everyone in your life but no one can ever take her place. Mothers make a perfect date irregardless if it's Valentine's day or not. To my mother, my Super Woman, my Hero, Vina Sonia, I love you very much. 


PS : My mother is my on call photographer. Hahaha She does take good pictures. I actually got my creative gene from her. Please share so we can spread the love for our mothers. #MYMP

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