26 February 2017


Cebu City, Philippines - The Queen City of the South has been my home for 29 years. And I have witnessed the ever changing landscape of the city that I love. From her small beginnings to greater heights, Cebu City has become a very industrialized urban jungle. With her fast growing and high towering buildings, she has continued to remain on top of her game. She has added layers of estate developments and growing traditions year after year. She is in undoubtedly the Queen City of the South. 



With industrialization comes along the rise of creative people who express themselves through writing, photography and fashion. Since the city we live in continues to improve, we should also reflect those changes in our daily lives. We continue to develop our skills in improving our way of life without compromising the planet we are living in. It is no surprise that we also experience unpredictable weather - most probably because of climate change. And how do you combat that in style? Hahaha 

LAYERING is the ultimate answer to that guys. As most fashion bloggers do, we all have tricks up our sleeves when it comes to the unpredictability of Cebu City’s weather. 




Layering clothes is a tested and proven way of marrying comfort and style. It is a basic concept amongst fashion and style bloggers. It allows you to make adjustments based on your activity and the unpredictability of this season’s weather. A major style hack when it comes to layering your clothes is your ability to mix and match different colors and textures. You can simply add or remove layers as you wish. Well, the main reason we layer clothes is because we want to keep ourselves warm in cold conditions. This is very relevant to those working inside the office - most especially for BPO employees. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish anymore. So how do you effectively put on different clothes over the other? Always remember that the goal of layering is functionality. But you have to learn about what colors and textures go together. The color wheel is a good way to start from and looking through fashion blogs actually helps you how to do the trick. And the golden rule to layering is - start from thin to thick. I hope that this helps you make a more informed decision when you do layering. You don't have to put everything at the same time. Just remember the tips I have shared to you and for sure you will be the Queen or the King of your personal style.




I am a Cebuano and my home is Cebu. She is the Queen City of the South. I am “ALMOST a BLOGGER” - your Cebu Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger with a heart! :)





Polo > Cotton On
Bomber Jacket > Thrifted
Skinnies > Cotton On
Boots > Thrifted
Bracelet > SM Department Store

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