18 February 2017


Gold Bean Coffee has added yet another treat for Cafe goers in Cebu. It is a unique take on our favorite breakfast meal - CEREALS. It is served with crushed ice in three different awesome flavors - chocolate, corn flakes, and the colorful fruit loops. 

Just recently, my friends and I went to Tops Busay and the Temple of Leah for some needed R and R. (Full story about this trip is on another post) It was already past 7 in the evening when we came back to the city. Since the drop off point of Go To Tops Van Services is in SSY Business Center, we decided to have some coffee in IT Park before going home. Guada of SuperCebu suggested to go to Gold Bean Coffee instead since it is closer the drop off point. I thought it was a better idea because Gold Bean Coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops in Cebu. In fact, as a Male Fashion Blogger I already had a style shoot inside the cafe last year. And a lot of my friends told me that they visited Gold Bean Coffee because of that blogpost. You can check my style post here.

Fruit Loops - Chocolate - Corn Flakes by Gold Bean Coffee

Gold Bean Coffee has also been very good to me. Hahaha They have given me complimentary drinks and food whenever they have something new in their menu. The last time they offered me a free drink was just 2 days ago. They called it “Vienna Coffee”. I thoroughly enjoyed it because it had cinnamon. If you like your espresso with a pinch of cinnamon, then you should try their Vienna Coffee. Anyway, when we entered the cafe, I introduced my friends to the staff. I told them that they were also active Cebu Bloggers. After we settled down and ordered coffee, Gold Bean’s in house Barista, Marn told me that they will prepare something for us. Ten or Fifteen minutes later, he came back with 3 different drinks. It was their latest offering, the “CEREAL PEAK”

Everybody loves Chocolate.

Corn Flakes make me happy too.

Fruit Loops bring out the child in you.

Cereals make me happy. Not only are they playful in colors, but they taste good and they make you full without feeling guilty. The Cereals actually peak through the covers. It’s like a mountain of cereals in a drink. So one helpful tip is to not open the cover. Instead, use your spoon and crush the cereals and mix them thoroughly. Just like what you would do when mixing your halo-halo. The “Cereal Peak” retails at P190 in Grande size. Don't worry they serve Cereal Peak all day. You can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have also made friends with their graphic artist and photographer, Levin who was very eager to lend a hand when I had my photographs taken here last week. Aside from great food and drinks, and hospitable staff, the cafe’s ambiance is definitely one of the reasons why I keep coming back to this place. As of writing this blogpost, I am enjoying my Double Chocolate Muffin here in Gold Bean Coffee.

So if you have the time and want your caffeine fix or eat something while cozying up with friends, I suggest you visit Gold Bean Coffee in Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City across USPF. 

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