5 February 2017


A warm cup of coffee mocha, my laptop and great sounding music keeps me up all the time when I am writing a blog. And as a men's fashion blogger, it is important for me to have gadgets that are stylish and functional such as the JBL E45BT headphones. 

I have a secret to tell. I usually visit the cafe when I feel like writing because at home I am always tempted to sleep or binge watch my favorite series on iFlix. But the irony is when I am already in the cafe, I want to feel isolated from the world. You know that feeling when you are in a crowd but you just want to enjoy your time alone and be in the zone? That feeling when you just want to be invisible and disconnected from the rest of the world? This is the kind of mood I look for when I focus myself on writing. Because I can honestly say that I make more quality content when I am completely isolated. 



So how do I achieve that when I am in a public place such as coffee shops in Cebu? I turn on my laptop, order a cup of coffee mocha and wear my JBL E45BT headphones while it’s connected to my music playlist. These headphones from JBL will blow your mind. It’s designed to be a classic but it’s also modern and innovative. As a men's fashion and style blogger, I always choose something that will work with my wardrobe. That is why these black headphones is perfect for me. It does not only complement my style but it also provides a distinct Isolating sound and clarity that only JBL can provide. Now I can totally be in the zone when I am writing a blog while listening to my playlists as well.



The JBL E45BT retails at Php 4,990.00.
Visit JBL's pop up store at SM City Cebu and experience a whole new level of sound quality.

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