9 May 2017


Forrest Gump said “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” But one wise lady once told me that “Life is like a supermarket. You are given a lot of choices. It’s up to you to choose what’s good for you.” In this case, it’s a Superstore. Landers Superstore has finally opened its doors to the Queen City of the South, Cebu. When I attended the VIP Preview last May 7, 2017, I can’t help but be reminded by what the wise lady shared. What did she really mean by those simple yet meaningful words?


When I was younger, I always go with my mother to the supermarket. She always had a list of things to buy. From getting a whole week of house supplies to buying hotdogs for “baon” and pancakes for breakfast. I have always loved going with her. If other kids wanted to go to the toy store, I preferred going to the supermarket. Now, that I am more than old enough to do the groceries, I still haven’t figured out the most effective way of grocery shopping. Even with a list, I always end up buying stuff that I don’t really need. Maybe that is what the wise lady meant. In life, we set our goals and focus on achieving them. It’s like having a grocery list. You write down the things you need and hopefully come out with everything in your basket. But sometimes because the supermarket is such a big place, we tend to grab things that were not on our list. Temptations kick in and we succumbed to them. As for me, that would be ice cream. Hahaha I know it’s not good for me, but I still buy them. A lot like life, right? There are things and people that we know are not good for us. But because we get a sense of happiness when we are around them, we invite them into our lives. And sometimes we even let them destroy us. But remember at the end of the day, it was us who allowed them to enter in our lives. 


I am not saying that we should stick to a rigid and strict list of #lifegoals. Where’s the fun in there, right? From time to time, we go out of our comfort zones and enjoy life. How are we going to know what life is giving us, if we don’t live it, right? What Forrest Gump really meant was, life is full of surprises. A box of chocolates has a lot of flavors. You’ll only know what you have once you take a bite. You may like it or not. But at least you have tasted it. And as the wise lady said, life is also like a supermarket. Yes, we make a list of things to buy, but sometimes not everything on the list is available. So, what what do we do? We adjust and adapt. We look for alternatives to make things work. And that’s the best thing about shopping in Landers Superstore Cebu. Not only are we given a lot of options but everything you need is in Landers. It is the first branch outside Metro Manila and is located at 23 Minore Park along Cardinal Rosales Avenue corner Pope John Paul II Avenue. 
< Trivia : This location was once a seminary. I reviewed for the Nursing Board Exams here. And I passed the board in flying colors. :) >





Landers has approximately a land area of 8,000-square meters. Aside from being a superstore, it  has a variety of dining choices which include a bakery called Dough and Co., a cafe named Doppio, and a Diner inside which is named after a train station, Landers Central. Their food offerings are really tasty and affordable. Landers also has an in-house barber shop called Federal Barbers, which gives free haircuts to all members. You just have to bring your membership card and a valid receipt. In addition, because Landers loves Cebu very much, they also offer fuel discounts of Php 2.00 off per liter for gasoline and Php 1.50 off per liter for diesel in partnership with Caltex.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a Landers member and take advantage of the Buy One Take One membership promo until June 30. A single premium membership is only P800. It comes with one extension for free.




Who knew that shopping in Landers will earn you a life lesson. Remember, you set your goals and work hard. But you also take what life brings you and you learn to face it with a humble heart, because as they say, that's life. And do you know who’s the wise lady? Of course, she has to be my mother. 
Happy Mother’s Day Mama! :) 
Don’t worry we’ll go to Landers together! :)


Thank you A-list and Landers Superstore for having me! :)

For more information, visit their website. Like Landers Superstore Cebu on Facebook and @landersph on Instagram.

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