5 May 2017


HEY GUYS! Well I have received a lot of messages about part one of this post. And surprisingly, I haven’t received any hate mail, yet!  Hehehe Some of my blogger friends in Cebu shared a thing or two about their observations as well. Since this might be the last part of this insider report, hahaha, this is going to be UNCENSORED! NO HOLDS BARRED!

13. The COPY PASTE - PR groups usually give out Press Releases. It is up to the blogger to use it or not depending on his style of blogging. The Copy Paste blogger uses this press release to publish on his blog. I am not really against it because as I said, it is up to the blogger. But I firmly believe that a blogger has to inject a little bit of himself on his posts. And we owe it to the PR groups who are expecting us to deliver a personally thought out blog post. You may use the press release as a guide rather than copying it word for word. You are a blogger. Unless you are a public announcer, you may copy and paste the press releases.

14. The CON MAN - He is a jerk! A blogger who uses blogging to get away with things and getting free stuff without producing deliverables. He asks hotels for staycations and promises to increase the following of these hotels. Sadly, being the con man that he is, he does not produce a blogpost. Or if he does, you be the judge. :) 

15.  The RESPONSIBLE BLOGGER - I aspire to be one. Hahaha No one is perfect. We all have flaws and times of weaknesses. This blogger is never late during events and produces blogposts on time. He also writes quality content for his readers. Kudos to you if you are one! 

16.  The PHOTO GRABBER - Basic to blogging is giving credits. It is common to bloggers to share photographs but the photo grabber does not give proper credits to the rightful owners of his published photos. Remember, it’s not about who was first, it is about sharing the truth and giving proper credits.

17. The INSECURE - This type of blogger is so insecure that he sees everybody as a competition. Well, truth be told. There is competition in the world of blogging. Bloggers do not talk about it but with the emergence of different blogging groups in Cebu, a blogger has to be in his A game all the time - producing quality blogs over quantity. The insecure usually compares himself to others and brings other people down.

18.  The CELEBRITY - Hmmmm Well, famous bloggers are becoming celebrities in their own right. This type gets a lot of sponsorships and ambassadorships. Pa autograph naman. :)

19.  The FRIENDEMY - I have mixed emotions about this type. He is someone who follows you on Instagram then unfollows you. What upsets me about this type is that he makes you believe that you are friends. But sadly, he is only after the numbers. 
20. The INTENSE - This is very common amongst newbies. He is very intense and very active. Well, that’s a really good thing. Let’s just hope it does not get into his head. 

21.  The EGOTISTICAL - I have so much high respect for this blogger. Not until I realized how egotistical he could be. Hey man! I thought you were humble and kind. All along, you were just protecting your image and your position. 

22. The I’LL PAY YOU LATER - He is the type who asks you to pay for him because he has ran out of cash. But does he really pay back? hmmmm Take a wild guess! You go it right. It's common for friends to borrow money but please be responsible enough to pay. :)

23. The POLITICIAN - Hmmm I know you are asking why a politician. Well, when I began attending events I never thought that blogging is very much similar to politics. The more connections, the more you get. What drives me crazy is when someone talks behind your back when all along you thought you were having a great time during the event. He might even make up stories to put you on the bad light. Hmmm Just like most politicians, he lets you hear what you want to hear. But behind those words are nothing, but garbage.

24. The CLOSETED - I did not intend to include this on the final post. But what the heck! Right? He looks fly and fine. Girls and gays go gaga over him! But he also likes men girls! (wink) He has his reasons to stay in the closet. So let’s respect that! I just hope his closet does not have stilettos though. :)

25. The BLOGGER - He has everything. He knows how to take amazing photographs. He writes quality content. He shows creativity in his posts. He never comes late during events. He asks relevant questions in press previews. He inspires other bloggers. In other words, he epitomizes what a blogger should be - passionate, creative, kind and responsible. Are you this type? 

This different types of people I have mentioned are all too common in the world of blogging. Some are quite intense but they are true. You do not only meet these people in Cebu's emerging blogosphere. For this types of people are present in any industry. He might be even the friend you are reading this blog with. (wink) Okay! I am not being righteous for I know I have flaws as a blogger and as a person in general. But you know what, because I know my truth, I am Okay. Your truth may not be mine and that is your story to tell. 

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