3 May 2017


This is a two part special of a project that I have been working on for the past few days. I may lose friends because of this post but this is what blogging is all about. I have only been active to blogging for a year now and in that span of time, I think I have fairly observed the different types of people in the world of blogging - the GOOD and the BAD! So here is part one,

1.   The HOARDER - He is the type of blogger that is always present in every event. He is always first on the going list. But sometimes he backs out the last minute wasting the slot that should have been for someone who was 100% committed to the event. 

2.   The KNOW-IT-ALL - He knows everything and everyone in the blogosphere. He might have been a part of several blogging groups. He also talks about himself all the time. When you tell him a story, he always has a better story. And mind you, he has connections.

3.   The SUPERIOR - He bosses people around him. He thinks his better than everyone else. He tells his puppets what to say and what to do. He is always present to high end events. After all, he is superior.

4.   The FREELOADER - He is the type that goes to events but does not produce a blogpost as agreed upon by the organizers and the bloggers. Or PR has to keep on reminding him about his due post. :)

5.   The GIVER - I love this blogger. He helps other bloggers improve on their craft. He shares his experiences and expertise to anyone who needs it. He also genuinely makes an effort to help out others. 

6.  The GLUTTON - I enjoy watching him during events. It seems like he has not eaten for days that he gets more food than others. Okay, don’t get me wrong. In some food tasting events, food is shared by other bloggers. But being the glutton that he is, he takes more than his share. 

7.  The CENTER OF ATTENTION - This type always brings the spotlight on him. He always becomes the center of attention - whether it be talking loudly or giving out unsolicited advice. 

8.  The HAPPY BLOGGER - I love being around this type. He is always full of life and positivity. He does not have a bad bone towards anyone. He also makes people comfortable during events. In other words, he is everybody’s friend.

9.  The ECCENTRIC - He might look weird and out of this world but this blogger certainly knows what he’s doing. “Don’t judge the book by its cover” certainly holds true to this type. Don’t get intimidated by the way he looks and acts. He doesn’t bite. :)

10. The VOICE - I love attending to events created by this type. I call him the voice because he acts as the voice for most bloggers who are too shy to say what they want. He also makes sure that bloggers are compensated by their time and effort. 

11. The COOKIE MONSTER - Hahaha Yes, bloggers receive a lot of perks from different brands and PR groups. The Cookie Monster is someone who takes so much goodies from the event. A good example is during an event organized by the biggest coffee shop in the world - the cookie monster had filled up his jar full. :)

12. The PRETTY FACE - A blogger with a pretty face definitely gets more than the others. I just hope his blogs/content are as pretty as his face. Peace out!

These types are just mere observations of what I see and hear from other bloggers. Now, that social media is very much a part of our daily lives, it’s essential to get to know the people you follow behind the pictures and the videos. This is just part one. Stay tuned for the second part of this insider report. Hehehe 

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